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Well, any media is good media, right?

This blog was covered in a Salon exclusive yesterday, which focused on the questionable marketing tactics of Social Media Today (SMT), which syndicates my blog through the site Sustainable Cities Collective.

Seems SMT presented a deck recently to oil giant Chevron about having "access" to such bloggers as myself and NRDC's Daron Lovaas (click on above slide from SMT deck on "Future Mobility: Building a Community), the international non-profit's federal transportation policy director.

This reference and image of my blog was done without my permission or knowledge, thank you, as Salon kindly tacked onto the end of the article today. Chevron said it knows nothing about this. No word form Lovaas at NRDC yet, says Salon. 

Back to Murdoch, then.

Warren Karlenzig is president of Common Current. He is a fellow at the Post-Carbon Institute,  and co-author of a forthcoming United Nations manual on global sustainable city planning and management.   

About the Author

    Warren Karlenzig
Warren Karlenzig, Common Current founder and president, has worked with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (lead co-author United Nations Shanghai Manual: A Guide to Sustainable Urban Development in the 21st Century, 2011); United Nations Center for Regional Development (training of mayors from 13 Asian nations on city sustainable economic development and technology); provinces of Guizhou and Guangdong, China (urban sustainability master planning and green city standards); the United States White House and Environmental Protection Agency (Eco-Industrial Park planning and Industrial Ecology primer); the nation of South Korea ("New Cities Green Metrics"); The European Union ("Green and Connected Cities Initiative"); the State of California ("Comprehensive Recycling Communities" and "Sustainable Community Plans"); major cities; and the world's largest corporations developing policy, strategy, financing and critical operational capacities for 20 years.

Present and recent clients include the Guangzhou Planning Agency; the Global Forum on Human Settlements; the Shanghai 2010 World Expo Bureau; the US Department of State; the Asian Institute for Energy, Environment and Sustainability; the David and Lucile Packard Foundation; the non-governmental organization Ecocity Builders; a major mixed-use real estate development corporation; an educational sustainability non-profit; and global corporations. Read more here.

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